Silentnight® Rio Miracoil mattress review

Silentnight is now offering supreme comfort by bringing you the Silentnight Rio Miracoil Mattress, a member of the new Luxury Selection Collection. With new spring technology and eco-friendly components, the Rio is great value and doesn’t fail to impress.

You can expect new levels of body support thanks to the unique Miracoil Spring system. Using the innovation for the Miracoil 3 spring system, the Rio is designed to keep your body supported from head to toe. The level of firmness is based scientifically on what your body needs. This medium to firm mattress is actually divided into different levels of firmness to ensure that your body gets appropriate support. Your lower back and hips carry half of your body weight therefore receive the most support with stronger springs. The upper body, around the shoulders, rests gently on softer springs.

Mattress Firmness

This mattress might be a little more firm than you would expect, however. If you have a light body, you might not comfortably sink into the mattress and find it too firm. The springs are made to lower upon weight and an average size person would have no problem doing this. Although this mattress is qualified as medium to firm, some might find it on the firm side. On the opposite end, those that are heavier may find that the mattress edges sag when putting pressure on them.

EcoComfort mattress fibres and fabrics

Another unique aspect the Rio offers are EcoComfort fibres. These unique eco fibres provide a scientifically proven cooling effect throughout the night for optimal comfort. A foam top layer forms a memory of your body so you won’t be tossing and turning to find a comfortable position. Coming from recycled materials, you can sleep well knowing that these fibres are eco-friendly. Although the fibres are soft and the foam is comfortable, they may absorb body heat faster than they are cooling off. During summer months especially, this mattress may not be the best at keeping you cool despite the cooling eco fibres.

To keep the Rio Mattress soft and cozy, like a bed should be, it is quilted in luxurious divan based fabrics. You have the choice of three colors: Chestnut, mink, or Cream Twill. This soft fabric can be felt even hiding below your sheet and goes the extra mile in comfort. Choosing a mattress is a big decision and it is important to consider the quilt the mattress is covered in. It may seem like a slight detail, but it’s the little things in life that matter?

Highly regarded and considered a great value, the Rio has many good qualities. It is helpful for those with lower back problems and helpful for avoiding problems in the future. The Miracoil Spring system is based on scientific evidence suggesting that different parts of the body need different amounts of support. The success of this depends somewhat on body size and weight as lighter people may find this mattress a little too firm. Overall, however, the Rio satisfies those who try it.

Mattress specifications

Silentnight Miracoil Spring Construction

Springs made by Silentnight have a reputation worldwide for being incredibly comfortable as well as great for your body. By giving additional support for the lower back and hip region, the Silentnight Rio promotes healthy posture for when you wake. The Rio values comfort just as much and is designed to keep you sleeping all night by making every inch of your body feel supported and in place.

Keeping You Supported

The Silentnight Rio is unique because the mattress is actually different levels of firmness. It provides support where you need it in the heavier parts of your body (lower back and hips). Without this support, your body could sleep in a misshapen position and over a long period of time this could cause pain or aching.

Unique Eco-Comfort Fibre Technology

Eco-Comfort Fibre is made to function on many levels to provide optimal comfort. This Eco-Comfort Fibre gets its name from the recycled polyester fibres it uses. These fibres keep you cool at night by decreasing your temperature as you sleep. This is a scientifically proven fact. No waking up from overheating anymore.

Edge to Edge Spring Support

The Rio is equipped with springs around the perimeter of the mattress for an important reason: sinking edges. Everyone has experienced an old bed and the fear of rolling out of if you get too close to the edge. That won’t happen with this one. Springs are purposefully placed to support the edges so you can utilize every inch of sleeping space.

Easy Mattress Maintenance

The Rio is constructed in a way that requires very little maintenance. With your average mattress, you would need to rotate and flip it every few months. With a Rio, flipping is no longer necessary. Simply rotate it every once in a while and you will keep your mattress in new-like condition for years.

Medium to Firm Spring Arrangement

The Rio is considered a medium to firm mattress. Though the level actually changes throughout, this mattress is made to optimize your lower back durability.

No Bed Vortex

You know that feeling that you are being pulled into the middle of your bed, that you are falling in? That is due to bad design and weak spring support. The Miracoil Spring system provides an even surface no matter the size of the mattress. No need to worry about being awaken by movements of the one next to you.

All Night Long Support

You won’t be waking up in the middle of the night looking for that one comfortable position. Once your head hits the pillow you no longer have to feel the pressure of your body’s weight. A foam top cover molds to your body and evenly distributes your weight, taking pressure off of your heavier body regions.

Hypoallergenic: Sneeze Not!

The Rio is respiration-friendly; it’s hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Whether or not you have asthma or allergies, you can feel better about your health for using this mattress.