Cleaning A Mattress: How To Remove Dirt & Stains

Do you know the mattress that is on your bed contains a collection of dust mites, stains, skin cells, and a variety of other material? Adding a mattress pad and sheets only delays the inevitable, as you will need to clean it at some point.

This is something you sleep on every night and cleaning it will ensure you sleep on something that is not full of filth. Mattress cleaning is easy to do if you use a few easy methods.

Vacuum it thoroughly: get rid of crumbs, dust & pet hair

A quick once over of the surface of your mattress with a vacuum is a simple way to remove any debris like crumbs from a late night snack. This will also remove any dust, pet hair, and dirt that has been collecting over time.

Any type of vacuum can be used. You can even use a shop vac if that is all you have.

vacuum bed to clean

Spot clean stains: blot main areas with cleaning agent

Any liquid that spills on a mattress can easily cause a stain. The type of stain on the fabric will require a specific product or cleaning method to remove it.

Many stains on a mattress might be the result of your sweat, blood, or urine. These are protein based stains that can be hard to remove. Try a few options and see what works.

A homemade cleaner can be used to remove stains on your mattress. Just mix baking soda, a liquid dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray the stained area and then blot gently using a clean cloth. Be careful not to rub the stain as it may make it worse.

Many natural enzyme cleaners are available to treat stains that are non-toxic. A good product you may want to use is Simple Solution. Another option is Simple Green. Both of these products will help to get rid of any stains and odors.

Another homemade cleaner to use for mattress cleaning is a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Mix them into a paste to apply on a mattress stain. Blot with a white towel after 30 to 60 minutes.

Use a deodorizer: banish nasty smells

The best product that you can use for a deodorizer is baking soda. Simply sprinkle some on any stains that are on your mattress and wait a good three hours.

The baking soda will absorb any liquids that have spilled on the mattress. Just make sure you vacuum the mattress thoroughly.

Take it outside: a good airing will work wonders

A mattress will spend most if its life inside a bedroom. If you have treated it with liquid cleaners, you can move it outside to dry out in the fresh air. The best part is you will also have a great perfect get rid of any bacteria on the mattress too.

Something you can also do if you take a mattress outside is to beat the dust out. This is done by hitting it with a broom on one side and then on the other.

You may be surprised at the amount of dust that you will remove. Hitting it to remove dust is also the best option for mattress cleaning if you do not have a vacuum handy.

Cover it up: prevent dirt

A super easy way to protect the surface of your mattress is to cover it with a mattress cover. These are easy to use and the best part is they can be thrown in the wash. Another option for covering up a mattress is to add a pillow top or a feather top mattress topper.

Steam clean it: thorough clean

A rented steam cleaner can be used to steam clean a mattress. Just make sure it has an attachment that you can use. Some steam cleaners may have a mattress tool or an attachment for upholstery.

The best way to steam clean is to use short bursts so you do not soak the fabric. This is a great way to help lift out stains that are ground in. Hot steam will also kill any bed bugs. Once you are done, it needs to dry out naturally.