IKEA Mattress & Bed Sizes: Are They Different Vs Standard European?

Trying to figure out IKEA mattress and bed sizes? The scandinavian retailer changed their mattress & bed sizes they fit conventional UK mattress and beds. However most of them still don’t fit perfectly. The great news is there are lots of quality affordable beds and mattresses on amazon that will fit standard beds & vice versa. IKEA mattresses & beds are also on amazon too. Got an IKEA mattress and want a bed that will fit it? Or do you have an IKEA bed and looking for a mattress that will fit? Click on the following to see the best deals:

During the last four months of 2014 IKEA introduced standard UK sized mattress to their range. Before they would only sell the European standard size mattress. The company announced a huge increase after adopting the UK normal mattress sizes. Alongside this they also started selling on amazon so you can get all the benefits of ordering there. Click here to see them.

There is a still a huge amount of confusion as to what IKEA mattress dimensions are. Contrary to reports in some of the mainstream English press IKEA still sell the old European measurement mattress alongside the new British versions.

Shop names & sizes + Standard bed sizes chart UK

tape measure

IKEA have specific names for their mattresses such MOSHULT, MALFORDS, HÖVÅG etc but they provide them in a range of sizes including UK standards. In the following I detail all the sizes available along with the corresponding metric and imperial measurements so their can be no confusion. If you are looking for a US and Canadian sizing guide check out this ikea mattress sizes guide.

IKEA Bed Mattress Sizes Chart

IKEA Mattress NameStandard UK Mattress Equivalent Width In MetricLength In MetricWidth In ImperialLength In Imperial
80x200 cmNo equivalent80 cm200 cm31.496178.7402
90x200 cmNo equivalent90 cm200 cm35.433178.7402
140x200 cmNo equivalent140 cm200 cm55.118178.7402
160x200 cmNo equivalent160 cm200 cm62.992178.7402
Standard SingleSingle90 cm190 cm35.433174.8031
Standard DoubleDouble135 cm190 cm53.149674.8031
Standard KingKing Size150 cm200 cm59.055178.7402
Standard Super KingSuper King Size180 cm200 cm70.866178.7402

Dimensions: a side by side comparison

To see the different standard mattress sizes that IKEA rolled out in 2014 including the IKEA double bed take a look at the following picture which shows a side by side comparison:

Compare IKEA bed mattress sizes

Bed sizes: both European & UK standard sizes sold

As well as adding standard UK dimensions and naming conventions to the mattress the sell IKEA also added normal UK sized beds. Unfortunately on the website you cannot view all beds in particular sizes. You will need to navigate to the individual bed and then use the drop down to see what sizes its available in. This is also the case if you are looking to buy bedding in the right size. So if you have a mattress that you want to see whether there is a bed available in at IKEA or vice versa you will need to check each one individually.

Standard sizes UK

They also only stock 4 sizes of bed: single, double. king and super king. Many other UK sized beds are not stocked e.g. small double. Here is a video explaining the full list of UK mattress sizes which correspond directly with UK bed sizes: