Checking For Full IKEA® Bed & Mattress Sizes?

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IKEA Mattress Sizes: A Full Guide To Different Bed Dimensions

IKEA® bed frames don’t fit normal standard dimensions exactly. However likewise a normal size bed won’t fit properly as they deviate from classic measurements. Each country has definitive name set and different mattress sizes. Some of these are the same as the Swedish retailers however with slightly different measurements. 

Take a careful look at the dimensions before buying to avoid getting the wrong size! The following shows mattress measurements side by side along with the common name for that mattress:

mattress sizes comparison

USA & Canada IKEA full mattress sizes chart: how to get the right bed frame

This page focuses on mattresses available in Canadian and American shops. Click on the following to see a UK IKEA mattress and bed sizes chart. People looking for a ‘full size’ or ‘king size’ mattress as following the standard conventional Canada and US dimension names should check the following measurements. Its worth noting that these also apply to the futon range. As you will see the bed sizes come in twin, full, king and queen. If you are confused as to what this actually means in terms of measurements have a look at the following table which lays it all out for you.

This chart will give you all the US IKEA mattress names and dimensions as well as whether there is a standard US equivalent:

Sizes chart chart in cm, inches & ft + CRUCIAL comparisons below

IKEA® NameWidth In MetricLength In MetricWidth In ImperialLength In ImperialUS Equivalent?
Twin97 cm189 cm38 1/4 "74 3/8 "Close - Click To See
Full135 cm189 cm53 1/8 "74 3/8 "Close - Click To See
Queen152 cm202 cm59 7/8 "79 1/2 "Close - Click To See
King193 cm202 cm76 "79 1/2 "Close - Click To See

Side by side comparison: what the dimensions look like

To make sure you don’t get the wrong length and width mattress for your bed or wrong size bed for your IKEA bed mattress check out the sizes chart above. To visualise and compare what they look like alongside each other see the following:

US IKEA mattress names and sizes

This will show you what the US IKEA mattresses look like side by side

IKEA mattress measurements compared

Here are the USA and CA standard mattress names along with the corresponding sizes. Next to this I have placed the difference against the same names at IKEA:

US Mattress NameIKEA Name Version?Width In MetricIKEA Width +/-Length In MetricIKEA +/-Width In ImperialIKEA +/-Length In ImperialIKEA +/-
Small single
or Cot
No76 cm191 cm30 in75 in
Single, Twin,
or Bunk
Yes99 cm-2cm (97 cm)191 cm-2cm (189 cm)39 in-1/4 " (38 1/4 ")75 in-5/8 " (74 3/8 ")
Twin extra longNo99 cm203 cm39 in80 in
Small double
or Three-quarter
No122 cm191 cm48 in75 in
Double or FullNo137 cm191 cm54 in75 in
Double extra longNo137 cm203 cm54 in80 in
QueenYes152 cmThe same (152 cm)203 cm-1cm (202 cm)60 in-7/8 " (59 7/8 ")80 in-1/2 " (79 1/2 ")
Expanded, Super,
or Olympic queen
No168 cm203 cm66 in80 in
KingYes193 cmThe same (93 cm)203 cm-1cm (202 cm)76 inSame (76 ")80 in-1/2 " (79 1/2 ")
California king
or King long
No183 cm213 cm72 in84 in
Grand king,
Super king,
Athletic King
or Texas king
No203 cm249 cm80 in98 in

Cot mattresses: standard one size for all

The famous swedish retailer does indeed sell mattresses for your baby cot which are affordable, comfortable and safe. All meet specific strict safety standards and are machine-washable so that you can easily clean up any accidents you toddler may have had such as urine in on the bed. IKEA crib mattress sizes are standard across their entire range in the US and are as follows:

Metric measurements:

Length: 52 ”
Width: 27 1/2 “

Imperial measurements:

Length: 132 cm
Width: 70 cm

Full size mattress: how does it compare to IKEA mattress dimensions?

You may have a bed that you want to put an IKEA sized mattress on or an IKEA mattress that you want to put on it. Either way using an online retailer is the easiest way to get something that fits and delivered to your door for free! Be careful though getting the wrong size will likely mean it won’t fit.

The famous scandinavian based retailer sell mattresses that are European sized and different to normal bed proportions such as king or queen. I have given you the exact measurements but your nearest European size will fit just fine. In fact if you are anywhere in the world from Canada to Hong Kong, Singapore Australia UK you will find that IKEA have standardised their measurements to European.

How wide is a full size bed?

Again we need to be clear here what dimensions we are talking about. If you are taking into account the bed frame then that could be anything based on the construction of the bed. The only real way you can do this is by going and measuring it. However if the it has no frame and is using a divan base then the table above will give you the exact width measurements since the bed frame won’t protrude further than the mattress edge.

As an example have a look at the following image. You can see that the metal frame adds a bit of length on to the bed itself but there are no sides to it so the width is exactly the width of the mattress:

showing full size bed width

Where to buy one that will fit correctly

Many shops sell IKEA sized mattresses and beds that will fit a normal IKEA mattress. These proportions are standard within E.U. countries, often referred to as ‘European mattresses’ or ‘continental mattress sizes.’ Likewise if you are buying a bed from the famous Swedish retailer you can use the chart to compare and check bed proportions against standard frame sizes.

ikea sized mattress shop showroom

Unique size names and corresponding standard

These are funny sizes so it’s best to check the dimensions chart before you buy. If you are looking for an alternative retailer many online bed and mattress shops offer products and quite often with free next day delivery. These shops will stock the corresponding dimensions of all the IKEA brand sizing such as sultan hjelmas, sultan hamnvik, sultan huglo, sultan tafjord, sultan tjome, fjordgard, sultan tårsta. Getting memory foam mattresses is often easier as the shop can cut the foam to order.

Depending on the country you are resident in the IKEA mattress proportions may be different to your local. The thickness will depend on each model and also whether a topper is applied.

Buying a bed frame that fits

Many retailers offer IKEA sized mattresses. Some people go ahead and customise their beds to fit. As you can see from the above chart and mattress measurements guide, if you have an IKEA bed but a standard UK mattress then they won’t fit exactly. IKEA bed measurements are made to fit the European mattresses not regular UK mattresses, that said some are very close and if you don’t mind it being slightly too small to the frame then you can often get away with it. IKEA also do mattresses for extendable units, you will need to check out the individual measurement to see if they fit. Go to this page on their website to see the full range.

Checking For Full IKEA® Bed & Mattress Sizes?

Amazon Now Stock A Range Of IKEA® Beds, Mattresses & Bedding! We Hand Picked The Best...